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Dear Esteemed Sponsor:

We are thrilled to extend an invitation to you to participate in a truly unique and vibrant celebration – the 13th Annual Serbian Festival, a cherished event that has been bringing the spirit of Serbia to Calgary. This year, we are set to make it even more memorable on the weekend of May 25th and May 26th, from 11am to 5pm, at the picturesque location of 16025 – 243 Ave E, Foothills. This spot, nestled at the crossroads of Deerfoot Tr. S and Dunbow Rd. E and opposite the Heritage Pointe Golf Course, promises an engaging backdrop for our festivities.

For over a decade, the Serbian Festival has been a beacon of cultural pride, featuring exhilarating live Serbian music, traditional folklore dances by groups from various cultural communities, and a showcase of Serbian culinary delights. As we gear up for this year’s event, we are reaching out for your support to make it a success. Your sponsorship will play a crucial role in covering essential costs such as festival tents, stages, and sound equipment, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

The festival is a vibrant platform for showcasing Serbian culture through interactive sports, engaging children’s activities, and, most importantly, through the sharing of authentic Serbian cuisine and pastries. Our goal is to embrace and share our rich Serbian heritage with the people of Calgary and Alberta, fostering a sense of community and cultural appreciation.

In recognition of your support, we offer various sponsorship levels, each with its unique set of benefits designed to maximize your visibility and engagement with the festival audience. Attached, you will find detailed information on these sponsorship opportunities and the advantages they entail. This year, the proceeds from the festival will not only contribute to the future Serbian-Canadian Cultural Centre but will also support the Calgary Food Bank. This gesture of giving back highlights our commitment to not just celebrating our heritage but also supporting the broader community that we are proud to call our home.

We invite you to join us in making this year’s Serbian Festival a remarkable success through your sponsorship or a generous cash contribution. Please RSVP by May 1st at sponsors@serbianfest.ca to ensure we can accommodate all your advertising needs and provide you with the best possible exposure.

We eagerly await the opportunity to partner with you in celebrating and sharing the vibrant Serbian culture with our community. Together, let’s make the 13th Annual Serbian Festival an event to remember!

Please follow the link below for your PayPal donation https://serbianfest.ca/paypal

OR make cheque payable to Serbian Festival Society of Calgary.

Thank you for your generous support and sponsorship and we look forward to seeing you at Serbian Fest 2024!

Serbian Festival Sponsorship Team


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Serbian Fest is a showcase of the rich history of our culture, including delicious authentic Serbian food, traditional folklore dances, and authentic live music – a true celebration of Canada’s multiculturalism.


The Serbian community in Calgary is now approaching 5000 people, with the first settler arriving back in the early 1900s. Over the years, the diaspora has come together to build a community and keep its unique culture thriving. Serbian immigrants have made important contributions to our society as prominent members of many communities throughout Canada and the world over. Nikola Tesla, the prominent inventor of AC who lit up the world, and Mihajlo Pupin, a founding member of NASA, are two of the most renowned Serbian emigrants on this continent. Not to mention, Serbian Field Marshall Radomir Putnik whose plaque has been erected in Kananaskis Country in front of Mt. Putnik by the Ravna Gora Serbian Heritage Society with support of the Royal Canadian Legion in honour of the brave Canadian and Serbian troops who fought for the allied cause in WW1.


Serbian culture today is influenced by its position as a bridge between Eastern and Western Europe. It is an eclectic mix of cultures that includes Hungarian, Austrian, Baltic, Mediterranean and the Middle East. Elements from Turkish, Celtic and Judaic regions can be seen in the cuisine, costumes and music. From the intricacy in its detailed handicrafts and art, to the variety of music, song and dance, Serbian culture has a richness that today still captivates audiences worldwide.